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Body Hair Transpant in Jodhpur

With the limited number of scalp donor hair available and the growing demand to cover the bald area, the quest for greater donor hair aroused. Thus began the concept of body hair transplant (BHT) in which hair follicles from other parts of the body including beard, chest, arms, axilla, pubic area and legs are used as additional source of grafts for covering the scalp or recosntruct any other body area.

BHT is practically exclusive for men. The characteristics of the body hair differ from the scalp hair with respect to its hair cycle, growth, number of hair and direction of growth.

Inspite of these differences, the body hair when transplanted to the scalp can grow up to 15cms length and can simulate the scalp hair character.

Being a newer modality, the long term effects of BHT are unknown.


  • Poor donor area on scalp (Grade VII patients).
  • Exhausted donor area following previous surgeries
  • Unhealthy scalp donor area
  • For hairline feathering
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • In cases like burns, scarring alopecias thereby reduced availability of donor grafts.
  • To reconstruct small areas of baldness in beard.

How does it work?

The logic of BHT is based on the principle of ‘recipient influence’ wherein the hairs transplanted from body ( beard, trunk, axillae, and pubis) to the scalp will eventually take up the characteristics of the scalp hair and will grow and cover the scalp.

Differences between a BHT-FUE and A Conventioanl FUE

The technique of body hair transplant is basically Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or one by one. The donor areas extend from just scalp hair to beard, chest, arms, legs etc. BHT is used primarily in cases where the donor area on the head is no longer suitable for the extraction of donor material or is not dense enough. Then we do the evolution of possibility of hair transplant from body. If the physiological requirements are met, follicular units can be extracted directly from different area of the body – chest, abdomen, arms or legs – and transplanted to the scalp. The grafts taken in BHT are known to have different growth cycle but a concrete study is yet to prove. Also these are different from scalp grafts as these contain only 1 hair compared to 1 to 4 hairs in scalp grafts.

Steps of Surgery


Tumescent anaesthesia ( a form of local anaesthesia ) is preferred for the extraction in BHT which is a safe and efficient way to achieve analgesia.


The extraction time is usually longer than the regular scalp transplant. The angle of follicular unit is mostly acute and the hair grow in variable direction. This makes body hair FUE a difficult and time consuming procedure as the surgeon has to keep changing direction of the punch repeatedly.


The body hair is generally mixed with scalp hair and implanted on the mid-scalp or crown region for better blending.

Methods of Body Extentions


Sharp punches of 0.7mm – 0.9mm are used manually for body hair extraction.



Powered motor is used for extracting hair which provides precise control over rotation, speed, rate and oscillation.

Post Procedure Care & Result

Donor area: The antibiotic covering shall be given for a period of 1 week, donor area dressing is done with antibiotic cream. No bandaging is required and donor area heals within 7 days.

Recipient area: Same as post-operative care in FUE. Oral and topical medications for maintaining the transplanted and pre-existing hair shall be administered.


  • Coverage of scalp in patients with poor donor area of the scalp.
  • Good growth rate when implanted on scalp.
  • The hair mix well with the scalp hair, good number of hair can be extracted from the body.
  • Body hair are resistant to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is the main cause of hair fall and remain on scalp forever.


There are minimal side effects. However the most commonly encountered side effects include:

  • Keloid formation can occur if overharvesting is done from sternal area
  • Hypopigmentation of the donor area can occur if done in dark skin individuals.
  • Asymmetric appearance of hair on body parts post surgery.


Following the surgery the transplanted hair tends to shed between 3-4 weeks. The regrowth of the transplanted hair is seen from 3rd month onwards. The complete results may take a longer duration in comparison to scalp hair transplant ranging between 12-18months.

Before And After


Testimonial image Gyaneshwar Kalla


Hair Transplant

I was suffering from hairfall problem for quite a long time and had visited many doctors for treatment of my hairs. But no treatment was effective and this had reduced my confidence. But thanks to Dr. Aggarwal and his treatment against hair problems, I have regained my visual appearance and also my lost confidence. The hair transplant surgery he performed was highly successful. I will be thankful to him for performing successful hair transplantation and that too on affordable prices. I can definitely say he provides the best Hair Transplant in Jodhpur.

Testimonial image Sanjana

Sanjana Mathur

Face Lifting

I thank Dr. Aggarwal whole heartedly for successfully performing face lifting surgery on me and helping me in regaining my youth. Due to many problems, my face had become dull and my features were not as sharp as they used to be. But after the surgery, my face was as young as it used to be and all my features have regained their sharpness. I feel young again and my visual appearance has improved. I would recommend Dr. Aggarwal to all of the ladies who want to regain their beauty and youth.

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