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      FUE Hair Transplant in Jodhpur

      As the technique of hair transplant has evolved over the years and increasing number of successful results have been observed among people, there has been noticed an increase in the people doing hair transplants not only on head but also facial hairs such as beard, moustaches, eyebrows, etc. Let us now take a look over some facts about the FUE hair transplant.


      When to do FUE hair transplant?tions

      The results of this treatment can be well observed in case of patchy hair, etc but it can also be implemented on facial parts to enhance the looks. Most common implementations can be:

      • Redesigning the beard.
      • Redesigning moustache.
      • Decrease in existing density of hair.
      • Redesigning eyebrows.
      • Scars due to burns.
      • Scars dye to injury.
      • Redesigning eyelashes, etc.

      Few facial hair transplant types:

      Beard is the most popular desire among men once they come in a proper age group. But many of them are not able to grow it as they desire. In some cases, it has been seen that there are patches on the face where the beard doesn’t grow. Also, if there is any scar due to burning, accident, etc, then it is not possible that the beard will grow naturally at that site. This results in incomplete beard. These problems can be solved through FUE hair transplant. In this, the hairs from scalp are taken and are then implanted at the site where the growth is not seen. Thus, the beard of desired shape and density can be obtained.

      The symmetry of our face is also defined by our eyebrows to a great extent. But the eyebrows of many people aren’t symmetric or in other words they differ in some sort, such as, size, structure, density, etc. This problem can also be solved by the same FUE hair transplant surgery. Artificially, natural looking eyebrows of the desired shape, size and structure can be obtained by this treatment.

      Moustache is another important desire to be taken into consideration. Most of the men have moustache but some of the men are unable to have moustaches naturally. Many factors such as genetics, hormonal issues, injuries, etc are responsible for this. This surgery can also be useful to get the moustache of desired shape and size.

      How actually does the surgery happen?

      There are some preoperative instructions which need to be followed strictly for best results. Some changes in the regular lifestyle are to be made as prescribed by the doctor.

      The surgery involves implantation of hairs which causes pain. This is taken care by giving local anesthesia as required. The amount of anesthesia to be given varies from person to person depending on the physical factors such as height, weight, etc.

      The site from where the hairs are going to be taken for implantation is known as the donor site. This is scalp in case of eyebrow and beard transplant, area beneath the dense beard in case of moustache transplant. The area is punched of size between 0.6-09 mm. This way, the grafts are taken for the surgery. This provides evenly distribution and maintained extraction area. It also saves the original look and don’t create mess of the extraction part.

      Slits are made at the extraction site so that, the area develops hair again at the site naturally and look good with natural appearance.


      This is the final stage in the FUE hair transplant surgery. The hairs taken from the extracted part are implanted at the site where the treatment is to be done. This is carried out by highly professional staff in presence of doctor.

      Care to be taken after treatment:

      • Some care is must and that is necessarily to be taken to prevent from further complications. These include having liquid or semisolid food up to 24 hours from the surgery, etc.
      • Care is to be taken about the treated part as in case of beard transplant, it takes 3-4 months for the observable natural hair growth.
      • The hairs may shed-off in 3-4 weeks, but they regrow after few weeks again. So, patience is to be kept as it requires about one year getting normal growth.

      Complications in the surgery:

      • Like every coin has two sides, in the same way, the surgery also have little disadvantages as well along with advantages seen so far. These are nothing but unusual growth of hair, uneven density of hair, etc. However, these problems are solved after around 1 year of the treatment and the desired results are observed.

      FUE Hair transplant in Jodhpur:

      Dr. Aggarwal’s clinic has all the latest and modern devices that make the process more advanced and easy. All the staff of Dr. Aggarwal’s clinic is experienced and has performed several successful hair transplants. The environment at our clinic is very hygienic which helps curing the patients quickly. For more queries, visit

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does FUE work?

      FUE, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction OR Follicular Unit Excision, is a hair transplant procedure in which the hair follicles or hair follicular units are individually removed from the donor area one by one. The follicles naturally occur in groups of 1-4 hairs in the donor area of the scalp. FUE can be performed by a manual, motorized or automated method depending on the individual patient. The excision method utilized varies based on the characteristics of the hair follicles such as hair shaft thickness, curliness, exit angle, etc.

      What are the advantages of FUE?

      Significantly less post-op discomfort or pain.
      No linear scar.
      Surgical wounds that are much smaller and less obvious and only require days to heal.
      Individual hair follicle harvesting allows for donor hair to be extracted from areas that have been impossible to harvest using the more traditional methods such as zones located on the sides of the scalp as well as the beard or body.
      Extraction of hair from dense donor areas of the scalp and redistributing those hairs to the balding areas in order to minimize the contrast of balding and donor areas. This strategic extraction allows for a more even appearance of hair in donor areas that minimizes the appearance of balding.

      What are the disadvantages of FUE?

      FUE is limited by the number of grafts which can be extracted/placed in a single day. In some cases, a 2 day mega-session may be scheduled.
      FUE is more operator dependent and good hand-eye coordination is required in both extraction and placement of grafts.
      FUE grafts are more delicate and special care is needed while handling and implanting them. Mohebi Implanter (Inserter) has been invented to eliminate the trauma that more traditional placing methods may bring to the grafts.


      Does FUE leave a scar?

      The method of individually removing the hair units allows them to be harvested one at a time without leaving a linear scalp scar. There will be some small punctate wounds immediately after the procedure in the donor areas. After 2 – 4 days, the wounds will close and the microscopic scars will be difficult or impossible to see.

      Ideal candidates for FUE include:

      • Patients who prefer to wear their hair in a shorter style since FUE does not result in a linear scar
      • Patients with a small donor area from which to extract hair grafts or those who have a tight scalp
      • Patients with scarring from a prior FUT procedure may be able to conceal their scar during the second procedure with the option of placing FUE grafts directly into the scar line
      • Patients who have a limited amount of time set aside before returning to work
      • Patients who head towards more advanced classes of baldness and are willing to not only restore the balding areas but to also minimize the visibility of the typical horseshoe pattern seen in people with advanced baldness
      What is Robotic FUE – ARTAS?

      ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System

      A robotic hair transplant, also known as R-FUE – ARTAS, is a procedure in which donor hair is removed from the back of the scalp through the use of a robotic arm. ARTAS makes use of imaging software and an image-guided robotic arm to harvest the grafts on an individual basis. The robotic system is great for use by beginners or operators that don’t have the manual skills or hand-eye coordination needed in other, more efficient, methods.

      After the donor area is marked by the doctor, the patient is placed in a semi-prone position with their face placed in a donut shaped pillow. The dual punch system of the robotic arm allows for easy scoring of the grafts. ARTAS, with its current technology, is handicapped by its inability to extract hair from certain areas of the scalp, beard or body.

      How much does FUE cost?

      Each case is different with the cost based on a number of factors including the number of grafts needed and the desired final results, in terms of coverage, the patient is hoping to achieve. In general, the total cost of an FUE procedure is more than FUT strip per number of grafts. FUE hair transplant is also based on the technique used. Hair Transplant Cost is higher using the non-shaven or Celebrity Hair Transplant technique.

      What is the recovery time after FUE?

      Most patients set aside 2 to 7 days after their surgery to recover. While FUE scars usually heal within 2 to 4 days, it may take up to one week for the donor area to have a healed appearance that is free of scabs. Individual results may vary. Keep in mind Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration offices see patients the day after surgery and two weeks after the procedure. Want to know more about what you should expect after an FUE procedure? Visit our After Hair Transplant Page.

      Is FUE painful?

      Typically, patients do not have any pain during the procedure and after receiving the location anesthesia. They may report little to no pain after the FUE procedure.

      During the FUE procedure, a sedative is given followed by an infiltration of subcutaneous local anesthetic. On rare occasions, patients may experience some pinching or mild discomfort during administration of the local anesthetic.

      After the FUE procedure, we provide patients with a mild pain medication such as Tylenol. Many patients end up not using any painkillers after the FUE procedure.

      How much does FUE cost?

      Each case is different with the cost based on a number of factors including the number of grafts needed and the desired final results, in terms of coverage, the patient is hoping to achieve. In general, the total cost of an FUE procedure is more than FUT strip per number of grafts. FUE hair transplant is also based on the technique used. Hair Transplant Cost is higher using the non-shaven or Celebrity Hair Transplant technique.


      How long do FUE results last?

      The results from an FUE transplant procedure will last a lifetime as long as the grafts are selected from the permanent zone where hair is not programmed to go through balding. Furthermore, hormonal changes should not affect the grafts. Some patients might see some thinning of their donor area as they age. In those cases, transplanted hair could go through the same phenomenon. However, this is not true for all patients.

      Do FUE results look natural?

      When performed by an experienced and skilled hair restoration physician, the final results should be so natural in appearance that others will not be able to tell that the hair was transplanted. To view our most recent before and after hair transplant results, visit our “Before and After” Photo page for our latest results on actual patients.

      What are the risks and complications of FUE?

      Some of the most common complications of FUE include swelling, bruising, itching and pain. There is also the risk of bleeding/oozing as well as numbness of the scalp. One noteworthy risk to mention is “shock loss” which is a post-surgical loss of hair that can be greatly diminished if patients resume/start prescription medication given by the hair transplant surgeon and continue it for a period of 6 months after their surgery. You can find more information about this topic in general at hair transplant complications.

      Why Dr Aggarwal's Clinic?

      Hair transplant at Dr. Aggarwal's Clinic is done using our trademarked Bio-FUETM technique which offers excellent results

      • We have a team of highly trained surgeons and staff who have practiced skills over time.
      • We do detailed hair analysis to understand the proper condition of your hair
      • We do proper planning for the surgery regarding distribution of grafts and density.
      • Anaesthesia, Slit-making and extraction is done entirely by skilled surgeons.
      • Implantation done by in-house trained team members.
      • Virtually painless procedure.
      • Slits are made with cut-to-size blades according to the customised plan for each patient.
      • Extraction done by using ‘punches’ – Our customised punches to provide you the best quality grafts.
      • Try to keep transection rate < 3%.
      • Minimal out-of-body graft duration.
      • Counting of grafts at every step of surgery.
      • First in- first out technique for implantation.
      • Extremely hygienic and state of art operation theatres.
      • Biotherapy at the end of surgery over the transplanted grafts.
      • Double-spin method in a cryo-centrifuge to prepare the best quality PRP.
      • Proper follow-up and post-operative care.

      Before And After


      Testimonial image Gyaneshwar Kalla


      Hair Transplant

      I was suffering from hairfall problem for quite a long time and had visited many doctors for treatment of my hairs. But no treatment was effective and this had reduced my confidence. But thanks to Dr. Aggarwal and his treatment against hair problems, I have regained my visual appearance and also my lost confidence. The hair transplant surgery he performed was highly successful. I will be thankful to him for performing successful hair transplantation and that too on affordable prices. I can definitely say he provides the best Hair Transplant in Jodhpur.

      Testimonial image Sanjana

      Sanjana Mathur

      Face Lifting

      I thank Dr. Aggarwal whole heartedly for successfully performing face lifting surgery on me and helping me in regaining my youth. Due to many problems, my face had become dull and my features were not as sharp as they used to be. But after the surgery, my face was as young as it used to be and all my features have regained their sharpness. I feel young again and my visual appearance has improved. I would recommend Dr. Aggarwal to all of the ladies who want to regain their beauty and youth.

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