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FUE Hair Transplant in Jodhpur

The technique of hair transplant has become evolved over the years because of the natural, appealing results. This has not only led to the increase in the number of people undergoing scalp hair transplant but also Facial hair transplant. This includes restoration of hair anywhere on the face including eyebrows, beard, moustache etc.



Facial hair transplant can not only be used to restore hair in case of patchy hair loss but can be used to aesthetically enhance any of these facial features.

  • Congenital absence of hair (involving the face)
  • Traction alopecia
  • Long standing alopecia areata
  • Cicatricial alopecia
  • Scars due to trauma, burns, surgery
  • Cosmetic increase in the existing hair density
  • Eyebrow reconstruction
  • Beard reconstruction
  • Moustache reconstruction
  • Eyelash reconstruction
  • Eyebrow reconstruction
  • Side-locks reconstruction

Type of Facial Hair Transplant

Men may have hair growth on their face but that might not extend into full-fledged beard. It might be sparse or may have irregular hairline. Sometimes, they can have patchy hairloss in the beard because of underlying immunological reason or scars. Both the cases can benefit from beard hair reconstruction where grafts are taken from the scalp and are implanted in the beard area in the desired pattern and density.

Eyebrows are the highlighting part of the face and their symmetry is of utmost importance. It not only gives a pleasant look to the face but also defines your facial structure. Eyebrow reconstruction can be done according to the desired structure, density and size, thus enhancing its shape and the length.

Some men don’t have a moustache or may have very little growth. Genetics can be a major cause whereas certain illness and hormonal changes can also cause the same. Medical conditions like cleft lip, accidents and cancer can also cause thinning of moustache which can be corrected by this method.

Steps of Surgery

There are a set of preoperative instructions that needs to be followed prior to the surgery, however it has to be customised paying attention to the needs of the individual and associated ailments.

Generally all the hair transplant surgeries are carried out under local anaesthesia (unless indicated otherwise).
The discomfort due to the local anaesthesia will be reduced with the use of vibrators and smaller sized syringes.
The dosage of the local anaesthetic will be kept under check based on individual body weight and associated comorbidities.

The preferred donor area is usually the scalp (in case of beard and eyebrow hair transplant) and the shadow area of the beard in case of moustache hair transplantation. Specialized motor punches are used in extraction of the grafts from the donor area. The size of the punches used can vary between 0.6-0.9mm. This helps in minimising the post- surgical scarring that occurs at the site of the graft extraction and gives an aesthetically pleasing look.
A steady count kept on the number of grafts extracted, thus reducing the chances of over harvesting and graft wastage.

The slits (recipient site for the graft placement) creation is an art by itself. When performed by skilful doctors, they shall follow the natural pattern of the direction of hair growth which would have been discussed in the consultation before the surgery. The slits are made in way that it ultimately gives the look of ‘no-transplant’. The number of grafts (density) is assessed and then the procedure of implantation is carried out.


Here the extracted grafts are placed in the slits. The procedure is carried out by our highly trained staff under the supervision of the doctor.

Post-Procedure and Care

  • In case of beard hair transplantation due to the effect of the local anaesthesia, there can be some perioral numbness and drooling postoperatively. Therefore, semisolid food is advised on the day of surgery and after discharge.
  • Hair growth is noticed after3-4 months, it shall continue to improve over one year.
  • The other post-operative instructions remain the same like in FUE surgery.
  • The transplanted hair tends to shed by 3-4weeks. These shed hairs will regrow by 3rd month post operatively.
    However the complete results shall be appreciated by the end of one year.


It goes without saying, every surgery comes with its own set of pros and cons, however, a well-planned and well executed surgery doses not hold any significant complications. Majority of these complications are short lived and curable.

  • In eyebrow hair transplant, there can be a misdirected hair growth necessitating frequent trimming of the hairs, however this will reduce over a period of year.
  • Beard and moustache hair transplant can show raised bumps on close inspection.
  • Sometimes the density achieved can be unsatisfactory because of inadequate growth.

There may be a need for a revision surgery to attain the desired density or shape.

Why Choose Dr Aggarwals Clinic?

  • Beginning from instruments, the storage of grafts, till the exercising of slit making, we use themost advanced instruments, we also provide intra-operatively the renowned BIO-FUE technique to bring out the best results.
  • Dr. Aggarwal's Clinic personnel are a group of expertise doctors who are well trained to give you excellent results.

Before And After


Testimonial image Gyaneshwar Kalla


Hair Transplant

I was suffering from hairfall problem for quite a long time and had visited many doctors for treatment of my hairs. But no treatment was effective and this had reduced my confidence. But thanks to Dr. Aggarwal and his treatment against hair problems, I have regained my visual appearance and also my lost confidence. The hair transplant surgery he performed was highly successful. I will be thankful to him for performing successful hair transplantation and that too on affordable prices. I can definitely say he provides the best Hair Transplant in Jodhpur.

Testimonial image Sanjana

Sanjana Mathur

Face Lifting

I thank Dr. Aggarwal whole heartedly for successfully performing face lifting surgery on me and helping me in regaining my youth. Due to many problems, my face had become dull and my features were not as sharp as they used to be. But after the surgery, my face was as young as it used to be and all my features have regained their sharpness. I feel young again and my visual appearance has improved. I would recommend Dr. Aggarwal to all of the ladies who want to regain their beauty and youth.

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