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      Laser Treatment in Jodhpur

      Laser skin treatment, also known as laser skin resurfacing, is a procedure that makes use of lasers to improve skin irregularities or remove skin blemishes. This is a good option for people who want to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin. Laser skin treatment is also known as laser vaporization or peel.. In laser skin treatments, the epidermis, or the skin's outer layer, is removed. At the same time, the dermis, which is the layer of the skin underneath the surface, is heated, stimulating the skin cells to produce elastin and collagen fibers. Using lasers for skin treatments results in controlled injury to the damaged skin and promoting wound healing and re-modelling. The healing process creates new skin cells, resulting in a smoother and tighter skin surface.

      Laser skin treatment is currently used in the management of a variety of skin problems. Wrinkles, crow's feet and other fine lines on the face respond well to laser skin treatment. You may also benefit from laser skin treatment if you have sun-damaged skin, minor or shallow scars, acne spots or lesions composed of small blood vessels known as telangiectasia. Stretch marks may be diminished, but are usually not completely removed. Laser skin resurfacing is generally not recommended for individuals who have very dark skin and those with active acne problems.



      Laser Hair Removal

      Laser Hair Removal is the process of removing hairs by beaming the highly concentrated light into the hair follicles which destroys the hairs. Lasers are useful for removing unwanted hair from the face, leg, underarm and other areas. Laser Treatment in Jodhpur is Possible.


      Acne & Acne Scar

      Acne Scars are something which needs proper diagnosis so as to know the cause of the scars and treat it accordingly. Acne scars are the product of end-stage inflammatory lesions. It occurs more to people in twenties. Laser Treatment in Jodhpur is Possible.


      Skin Whitening

      Skin Whitening is a process of reducing the melanin pigment in the skin hence giving it a brighter complexion. Dark skin has more amount of melanin in the skin and so it is reduced so as to make the skin brighter. Laser Treatment in Jodhpur is Possible.


      Facial Plastic Surgery

      Facial Plastic Surgery is done to enhance the visual appearance of the facial features. This type of surgery is done to reshape structures like in nose, ears, chin, eyelifts etc. and hence mostly remove facial wrinkles. Laser Treatment in Jodhpur is Possible.

      Our Success So Far


      Qualified Professionals
      Highly qualified Internationally reputed Doctors/Surgeons to provide quality medical care

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      Latest Technology
      Equipped with latest Laser / RF/ HIFU and Laparoscopic Technologies

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      Patient Centered Care
      Custom tailored approach to provide the best care for our patients / clients


      Certified Clinic

      Why Dr. Aggarwals Clinic ?

      Certified Trichology Expert

      He is one of the leading Trichologist and a hair loss specialist in Jodhpur who has helped thousands of hair loss sufferers across the country. His work has been published in many of the famous newspapers and this proves his expertise. He is often cited as the best to peform Hair Transplant in Jodhpur.

      Trusted Dental Surgeon

      Dr. Aggarwal is one of the few doctors who are trusted by his patients for facial plastic surgery. All of our patients are satisfied with the post surgery results and this shows Dr. Aggarwal's credibility. Surgery is performed only under the extreme supervision of doctor.

      9 Years of Experience

      Our 9 years of experience of serving patients on problems related to hairfall and other skin & dental problems, proves that we are amongst the best in Jodhpur and treat our patients with only the best treatments possible. Hair Loss treatments provided are through the best available techniques.

      21,000+ Happy Patients

      Over 21,000 patients have been treated till yet by Dr. Aggarwal and this achievement speaks for itself and shows that why he is one of the most trusted skin specialist not only in Jodhpur but across India too on whom patients can rely on & proves why he is best choice for Hair Transplant in Jodhpur and Laser Treatment in Jodhpur.


      Testimonial image Gyaneshwar Kalla


      Hair Transplant

      I was suffering from hairfall problem for quite a long time and had visited many doctors for treatment of my hairs. But no treatment was effective and this had reduced my confidence. But thanks to Dr. Aggarwal and his treatment against hair problems, I have regained my visual appearance and also my lost confidence. The hair transplant surgery he performed was highly successful. I will be thankful to him for performing successful hair transplantation and that too on affordable prices. I can definitely say he provides the best Hair Transplant in Jodhpur.

      Testimonial image Sanjana

      Sanjana Mathur

      Face Lifting

      I thank Dr. Aggarwal whole heartedly for successfully performing face lifting surgery on me and helping me in regaining my youth. Due to many problems, my face had become dull and my features were not as sharp as they used to be. But after the surgery, my face was as young as it used to be and all my features have regained their sharpness. I feel young again and my visual appearance has improved. I would recommend Dr. Aggarwal to all of the ladies who want to regain their beauty and youth.

      Our Services

      • What is Hair Transplantation ?
      • Painless Surgery
      • FUT Technique (Strip Method)
      • FUE Technique
      • Difference Between FUT and FUE
      • Microscopic Dissection (German Microscope)
      • Hair doctor in jodhpur
      • Hair Fall & Regrowth Therapy
      • Hair Repair
      • Ozone Therapy
      • Nano Hair Therapy
      • Hair Smoothening
      • Hair Straightening
      • Artificial Male Hair
      • Artificial Female hair
      • Acne Scars/ Injury Scars
      • Laser Facial
      • Skin Wrinkles
      • Keloids
      • Age and Sun Spot
      • Hyperpigmentation
      • Hypertrophic Scars
      • Port Wine Stain
      • Birthmark
      • Photo Rejuvenation
      • Tattoos
      • Unwanted Hair Removal
      • Lip Reduction
      • Laser Treatment in Jodhpur¬†
      • Fat Injections (Transplant)
      • Necklift
      • Double Chin Liposuction
      • Cheek Implant
      • Brow Lift
      • Ear Surgery (OTOPLASTY)
      • Lip Augmentation
      • Chin Augmentation
      • Threadlift
      • Facelift
      • Eyelid Surgery(BLEPHEROPLASTY)
      • Nose Reshaping(RHINOPLASTY)
      • Dimple Creation
      • Orthodontics
      • Kids Denstistry
      • Crown and Bridges
      • Cosmetic Denstistry
      • Root Canal Treatment
      • Dental Implants
      • Dentist in jodhpur
      • Chemical Peeling
      • Microdermabrasion
      • Fillers

      Do You Want Your Youth Back ?

      Fill the Form & Take 1st Step towards it!

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