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      Dimple Creation

      Dimples on the cheeks are small depressions that form when someone smiles or laughs. Dimple on the chin, more popularly known as ‘cleft chin’ are present as a permanent facial feature on the other hand. Dimples are genetically inherited and thus can form naturally or else they can be acquired through surgical procedures. People usually go for dimple surgery to have a more beautiful smile as traditionally cheek dimples have been attached with youth, fertility, beauty and attractiveness. Also Cleft chins have been associated with beauty and manliness in Persian culture and can be found amongst many popular actors like Henry Cavill, Ben Aflleck, etc.

      Cheek dimples form due to a facial muscle named Zygomaticus Major being smaller than the normal size. When a person having a smaller Zygomaticus Major muscle smiles the Zygomaticus Major pulls the other cheek muscles inward causing the depression or dimple. On the other hand, Chin dimples form when there is incomplete joining of the left and right jawbones.

      Dimple treatment is a plastic surgery that involves creation of dimples on cheeks or the chin. Since it is a cosmetic surgery there is very low risk involved and the surgical procedure is one of the quickest there is. While their can be few complications the probability of their occurrence is extremely unlikely if the surgical procedures have been done correctly. Currently it is one of the most popular cosmetics surgeries around due to safe, quick and reliable results.

      How is the Dimple Creation treatment done?

      A dimple creation surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and it typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes to perform one. The spot for dimple creation is selected with a very simple technique. In people with natural dimples the dimples form in the spot where there is maximum depression when they suck in their cheeks. So the person undergoing the treatment is asked to suck in the cheeks to identify the spot with the maximum depression. Usually, this spot is selected unless until the person undergoing surgery has specified another spot.

      Once the spot is determined in the cheeks, a small circular incision is made in the cheeks from inside the mouth through the mucus membrane inside the mouth. Then the skin and muscle on the spot of the incision is scraped off so as cause a scaring effect on the skin from the inside of the cheek. An absorbable suture then stitches the two different areas of the skin and muscle around the incision up. Due to this the two areas stick with each other creating an artificial dimple. Upon healing they both stick permanently and the dimple is created. Initially the dimple remains permanently on the cheek for a week or two, till the area heals. Once they heal up the scarring becomes complete. Then the muscle and skin stick with each other and dimples occur only when you smile. Creation of cleft chin also has a similar process where some tissue layers are removed from the skin.

      The size of the dimple area depends on amount of muscles and tissues scraped. While you can experience a little discomfort after the procedure for the initial few days, the muscles heal up rapidly and there are minimal chances of infection the incisions made are usually very small.

      Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

      Usually you can go for Dimple surgery at any time of your choosing, as there are no medical prerequisites for it. Also given the time it takes you do not need any significant preparation or post surgery hospital treatment apart from prescribed medications either.

      Who is not eligible for the treatment?

      Almost everybody is eligible for dimple surgery except people who have bleeding disorders and other diseases like diabetes mellitus or anemia, etc. that have some impact on blood count and such things.

      Are there any side effects?

      While there are common side effects of temporary pain and swelling for a week or so post surgery, certain complications do come up if the dimple surgery has not been done correctly or post treatment recommendation on oral hygiene has not been followed

      One of the major complications is infection due to the bacteria present in mouth coming in contact with the incision site. This usually happens if the surgery is not completed properly and can aggravate if suitable antibiotics are not provided upon identification. Apart from that sometimes formation of pus and swelling ay also happen if the tools used are not sterilized properly.

      However the chances of these complication occurring are extremely low because of the simple procedure and minimal amount of incision needed. Usually following the surgical procedure correctly and maintaining a good enough oral hygiene post treatment are enough to prevent these complications.

      What are the post-treatment guidelines?

      Usually, there are only few general steps to follow post treatment. These are related to prevention of infection and abstaining from any thing that slows down the healing process for the muscles.

      You should use an antiseptic mouthwash everyday as recommended by the doctor along with the prescribed medicines to take care of this. Also, you should restrain from making animated facial expressions or activities were your face might get hurt. Doing so might unduly stretch and tear the healing muscles. This will not only weaken your cheek muscles but also lead to considerable recovery time. Following the doctor’s recommendation is thus of vital importance and should be done

      How long does it take to recover?

      This is a completely optional cosmetic treatment that people go for by their own choice rather than by any medical complication

      What is the price of the treatment in India?

      The chin dimple surgery is a little costlier compared to cheek dimple surgery. While cheek dimple surgery are in range of Rs. 20,000 - 80,000 the chin dimple surgery costs around Rs.1,00,000

      Are the results of the treatment permanent?

      The dimple surgery is partially reversible in almost all cases and is usually achieved by freeing the skin from the muscle by injecting dermal fillers.

      What are the alternatives to the treatment?

      This is a completely optional cosmetic treatment that people go for by their own choice rather than by any medical complication. As such there are no alternative for it if want dimples on your face

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