Individuals who feel that they have exceptionally large lips can undergo lip reduction surgery. Some people may feel that their large lips are making them feel ugly. A lip reduction surgery may help them to deal with the problem and also aid in recovering their lost self-esteem. Macrocheilia is a condition when a person has lips larger than the normal size. A lip reduction surgery helps to correct this anomaly by making the upper and lower lip harmonious to each other and also balances them with the other features of the face.

Thus lip reduction surgery is not always done for cosmetic purposes. A person suffering from macrocheilia may have impaired oral function and the inadequate seal between the upper and the lower lip may cause drooling and other complications. This condition can affect the speech pattern and functionality and cause a person to lose self-confidence. Macrocheilia can happen due to a number of different reasons. The reasons can be general thickening of the tissues, dentofacial deformities, hemangiomas, glandular hypertrophy and inflammatory or lymphedematous infiltration.

An important factor for a successful lip reduction surgery is the choice of the surgeon who will perform it. A person who wants to undergo this surgery should consult a surgeon who has prior experience of performing such surgeries and also has good credentials.

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