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Laser Hair Reduction

Merits of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment

Laser hair reduction may be a technique that uses a selective photo-thermolysis technique for removing unwanted hair. Throughout this procedure, the optical device beams area unit centred on destroying the dark pigment gift within the hair follicles gift within the skin, and it doesn’t cause any harm to the encompassing skin tissues. Within the method of optical device hair reduction, a lightweight of a selected wavelength is absorbed by dark animal pigment gift within the follicle, and that, in turn, breaks the regenerative structure of the follicle and helps to produce swish hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Reduction is best for removing unwanted hair from body elements like the face, arms, legs, upper lips, swimming costume space, thighs, hands, and underarms. This system is the best replacement for alternative ancient hair removing strategies like electrolysis, shaving, waxing, and tweezing, that area that gives lots of pain. Laser Hair Reduction additionally reduces the probabilities of inflammation, redness, and irritation caused by ancient strategies of hair removal. Optical device hair reduction may be a quick, effective, and painless procedure, and this advanced technique of Laser hair removal makes the skin silkier and a power tool. Multiple sessions of laser area unit counselled to urge the required results.

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The benefits of optical device hair reduction provided at Dr. Karun Aggarwal’s Clinic are as follows:

  1. This device offers the advantages of all 3 wavelengths that give wonderful hair reduction results in the victimization of the trio clustered diode technology. This helps to different target tissues of the follicle that area unit gifts in several depths hence proving higher results for all skin sorts (I-IV) and even the tanned skin.
  2. The multiple optical device wavelengths build it helpful for treating the widest vary of hair sorts. This ends up in powerful absorption by victimization 3 wavelengths covering the optical spectrum – 810 nm, 755 nm, and 1064nm.
  3. These lasers deliver distinctive heating and energy delivery modes that effectively harm the target follicle and don’t cause any hurt to the encompassing skin. It’s additionally incorporated with the newest ICETM technology that cools the skin and protects the skin from burns and helps manage pain throughout the procedure. It causes less stratum harm by victimization longer wavelengths throughout the procedure. The cooling gel is additionally applied to the place so one experiences stripped-down discomfort.
  4. The Soprano ICE lasers use the SHR technique within which the repetitive short energy pulses area unit is accustomed to harm the follicle. High energy pulse will cause harm to the derma, and this technique protects the skin from burns.
  5. The Soprano ICE SHR technique is verified safe for all skin sorts, as well as dark skin because the SHR technique bit by bit heats the skin and provides solely the desired heat to break the hair follicles, and it doesn’t expose the skin to a single high pulse.
  6. The Soprano ICE SHR additionally works well for tanned skin because it uses a novel technique of hair reduction, and this procedure will be performed any time of the year and similarly as on tanned skin tone.  However, the patient is suggested to shield the skin from sun harm before and once the procedure to realize the simplest results.
  7. This procedure will be completed quickly because of the laser cowl giant spot size because of its speed and accuracy, and it additionally provides a stripped-down period.
  8. Optical device hair reduction treatment provides effective and durable results, which makes it cost-efficient within the longer run.
  9. This optical device hair reduction treatment removes all the unwanted hairs of the skin similarly as improves the feel. This system additionally helps take away sun harm, discolouration, and improves the skin texture because it additionally corrects the enlarged open pores.
  10. This treatment helps one to realize a silkier, softer, and improved skin look.

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