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Body hair is traditional, however many folks feel uncomfortable and sometimes seek effective ways to get supple, sleek skin while not even tokenize effort. Optical device hair reduction has modified the lives of the many people that are sad with the number of unwanted hair on their bodies. It’s the safest, fastest, and cozy technique of hair removal. Many folks simply run removed from Optical device hair removal treatment thanks to the myths close to this treatment. Here are a number of the myths busted associated with Optical device hair removal treatment that one ought to remember:

Myth: Optical device hair reduction will increase the expansion of hair.

Fact: the hair is commonest once shaving and waxing however under no circumstances once Optical device hair reduction treatment. The Optical device treatment effectively targets the hair follicles and removes the number of hair from roots. The Optical device heat damages the hair bulb, and as a result, the hair doesn’t grow back, and therefore the results are long. Hence, this treatment helps to decrease the number of hair growth.

Myth: Optical device, hair reduction treatment, will increase the expansion of latest hair.

Fact: Optical device treatment provides hair-free skin by targeting the hair follicles that are within the anagen part of the hair growth cycle. so it helps to cut back the number of hair growth, and therefore the smartest thing with this treatment is that the hair starts to become an agent with each session.

Myth: Optical device hair reduction provides the simplest ends up in only one session.

Fact: Optical device, hair reduction treatment, might scale back the hair growth simply in one sitting. except for best and long results, a minimum of six sessions is counseled to realize sleek and hair-free skin.

Myth: Optical device hair reduction doesn’t work on dark skin sorts.

Fact: The Optical device hair reduction treatment is effective on all skin sorts, be it dark or truthful skin. The Optical device lightweight technology is adjusted in step with AN individual’s skin and hair sort, therefore it effectively removes hair effectively and provides sleek hair-free skin.

Myth: Optical device hair reduction treatment is painful.

Fact: Optical device hair reduction treatment is smaller amount painful than waxing. throughout the treatment, Optical device hair reduction treatment, a desensitizing cream, and cooling gel are applied on the skin. This helps to cut back discomfort cases by Optical device treatment, and it looks like an elastic band snapping on the skin, and this pain is usually sufferable.

Myth: Optical device hair reduction will cause scarring and burns.

Fact: there’s an awfully tiny risk that the Optical device hair reduction technique will cause scarring. Hence, it’s counseled to induce this treatment from AN skilled and arch Optical device specialist beneath the oversight of skilled dermatologist to attenuate the danger of aspect effects caused by Optical device treatment. it’s conjointly essential to follow pre and post-treatment medications that facilitate attenuate the danger of skin burns.

Myth: Optical device hair reduction exposes the skin to radiation.

Fact: Optical device hair reduction doesn’t emit any style of radiation. So, it’s not harmful to the patient rummaging Optical device hair reduction.

Myth: Optical device hair reduction is barely for girls.

Fact: each man and girl will perform Optical device hair reduction. Men may get this treatment any a part of their bodies and are additionally widespread for beard shaping and chest hair removal.

  • Concluding this, Laser Hair Removal is an effective procedure and gives the best outcomes. Despite innumerable social myths and incomplete facts and information concepts that are so vulnerable on the internet these days, laser hair removal is a successful and effective technique that has always been in popular demand. So, you just need good research and apt information on which you can actually rely on! The only thing to consider is to always do a little research before attending every clinic and pick an experienced surgeon as the expected outcomes can only be obtained. Also, understand that each client has different requirements and heals differently and you need not compare yourself with others.

  • At Dr. Karun Aggarwal’s clinic, Jodhpur, we have a team of extremely trained and toughened Optical device specialists. This can be a foremost center in providing Optical devices and aesthetic skincare treatments. This clinic is committed to giving quality care in heat and friendly surroundings. The advanced treatments provided by the dermatologists enhance self-assurance and supply optimum results.

  • Before selecting any procedure, confirm that the procedure is performed by an associate degree professional. Optical laser hair reduction could be a process that has to be performed below the steering of an associate degree professional skin doctor. Dr. Aggarwal’s clinic, Jodhpur is only one of the trusty clinics that has the simplest optical laser hair removal treatment in Jodhpur. This treatment is additionally appropriate for several skin varieties, as well as even darker skin varieties.

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