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Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal treatment is more in demand than Electrolysis!

It can sometimes be difficult for excess body hair to get rid of and manage. New laser hair removal technology has made hair removal simpler. Laser hair removal is an efficient and secure method of using sufficient laser energy or frequency to remove unnecessary body hair. Another type of hair removal treatment that interferes with hair growth using shortwave radio frequencies instead of laser light is electrolysis. One of the most common cosmetic procedures that damage hair follicles and prevent further hair growth is laser hair removal. The treatment for laser hair removal is more common than electrolysis because it has numerous advantages. Laser hair removal treatment is quicker, more effective, and less painful, and provides the desired results for a person.

What does Laser Hair Removal mean?

Laser hair removal is an effective and reliable way of using laser energy to remove unnecessary body hair. As lasers of various wavelengths penetrate into the skin and destroy the melanin pigment present within the hair follicle, this energy prevents further growth of new hair follicles. This raises the temperature and kills the root of the hair within the follicle, which helps in destroying the actual root of the hair follicles. And, the surrounding skin remains unaffected and undamaged.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is also a procedure for hair removal that uses small needles with an electrical current to destroy the hair follicles and prevent the growth of new hair. To achieve the desired hair-free skin, multiple electrolysis sessions may be required because the skin contains multiple hair follicles, and dormant hair follicles may grow between the sessions. So, to treat newly active follicles, follow-up sessions are required.

Benefits of laser hair removal in comparison to Electrolysis:

·   Laser hair removal treatment covers larger surface areas as a result of the lasers are available completely different head sizes and emit pulses of sunshine each second. Thus it’s a fast, fast, and economical methodology as compared to electrolysis.

·   Another good thing about optical laser hair removal treatment is that one will shave intermediate the treatments, and it additionally works well for brief hair. The target of optical laser hair treatment is an animal pigment of the hair roots. The treatment additionally targets the hair and is effective against any skin and hair sort as a result of the optical laser instrumentation features a completely different wavelength and lightweight frequency to treat dark skin and really fine hair.

·   Laser hair removal procedure doesn’t cause any pain as a cooling gel is applied to the targeted surface before the treatment. It appears like an elastic band touching the skin with a heat sensation, and therefore the pain is nominal. The electrolysis methodology works by inserting an associate degree depilatory device into the skin. It’s a painful treatment as compared to optical laser hair removal treatment. Electrolysis treatment removes individual hair from the body that causes plenty of pain. During this method, a fine probe is inserted into the body, so hair follicles square measure removed through tweezers. This procedure takes longer compared to optical laser hair removal treatment.

·   Electrolysis treatment could take 30-60 minutes, whereas optical laser hair removal treatment could be a fast procedure for hair removal and will take lesser time like solely 10-15 minutes. Electrolysis sessions square measure longer and longer. After the electrolysis procedure has completed, a person needs to apply medicinal drug cream to the treated area. The targeted space should not be touched or scraped.

·   The facet effects of electrolysis treatment square measure swelling, redness, a lot of hair, scabbing, skin drying, and inflammation. The facet effects of optical laser hair removal treatment embody pink skin, swelling, and redness. Another major downside of the electrolysis methodology is that it can’t be in deep trouble an oversized body extent, and it additionally generally results in scar formation.

·   Laser hair removal needs fewer sessions than electrolysis. Optical laser hair removal sometimes takes concerning four to eight sessions for best results. For electrolysis, a person should endure thirty sessions on the place where the hair is coarse. Optical laser hair removal treatment needs a follow-up session once a year.

·   Laser hair removal is incredibly correct within the target areas, and it solely targets the hair while not damaging the encircling space. The optical laser hair removal device is adjusted in keeping with the thickness, skin color, hair color, and placement of the hair. To watch the optimum results, a person should follow a correct medical care treatment routine. People should limit sun exposure for many weeks and wear loose garments for a few days when the treatment.

·   The electrolysis methodology is merely effective for removing little hair-like around the eye region. However, the optical laser hair removal methodology is performed on any element of the body just like the face, chin, upper lips, forehead, chest, back, underarms, thighs, etc.

Before selecting any procedure, confirm that the procedure is performed by an associate degree professional. Optical laser hair reduction could be a process that has to be performed below the steering of an associate degree professional skin doctor. Dr. Aggarwal’s clinic, Jodhpur is every one of the trusty clinics that has the simplest optical laser hair removal treatment in Jodhpur. This treatment is additionally appropriate for several skin varieties, as well as even darker skin varieties.

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