Breast Reduction Liposuction


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Breast Reduction Liposuction

Big breasts though consider as a sign of health and beauty but it comes with many problems such as back ache, neck ache and self consciousness for many women, just the thought of squeezing into tight clothing, dancing or playing sports can be a nightmare. If you want to reduce your breasts but does not want to undergo plastic surgery which would leave large scars and possibly changed sensation to the nipple then breast liposuction is the answer for you.

Breast liposuction is minimal invasive, has an excellent safety profile and rapid recovery time. It provides symmetrical results with barely visible scarring. Minor reductions in breast size in patients with normal shaped breasts will look better after liposuction alone than any other type of breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast reduction liposuction?

Up until now, the only method of breast reduction available was a surgical procedure called Mammoplasty. This procedure involves cutting out a section of the breast, repositioning the nipple and elevating the whole breast. This procedure has significant discomfort including bruising and pain, extensive scarring and risk of infection. The loss of nipple sensation can occur due to relocation and breast-feeding is usually not possible following a mammoplasty.

But now tumescent Liposuction is proven means for reducing breast size which is not only safe but leaves almost no visible scarring. Breast Liposuction is a day procedure which has a faster recovery period than the more conventional mammoplasty. Bruising and swelling are present for approximately two weeks and lumpiness can persist for some days , however as the lumps are absorbed the breast size shrinks.

Who is the good candidate for breast liposuction?

Any woman with large and heavy breasts, who is happy with the shape of her breasts, but just wants them smaller, can be considered for this procedure. Women of any age may be suitable, but as women age they become more suitable for the procedure as there is a higher proportion of fatty tissue. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot have the procedure.

Breast Reduction Liposuction Post op care

A compression garment must be worn for two to four weeks

Tenderness, swelling and bruising around the breasts is normal but temporary which usually lasts two or more weeks.

FAQs Breast Reduction Liposuction

1. What is tumescent fluid?

Tumescent fluid is sterile saline solution, which is infused into the treatment areas. It contains a local anesthetic, a vasoconstrictor and sodium bicarbonate. The local anesthetic makes the breasts numb while the vasoconstrictor shuts off the small blood vessels in the fat layer to reduce bleeding. The sodium bicarbonate acts as an antibacterial, as well as breaking down the fat

2. When will my symptoms of heaviness, aching improve?

The symptoms will improve within a day or two after surgery.

3. Is it everlasting?

Yes, the reduction in the size of the breasts is everlasting, provided that your weight remains stable after the procedure.

4. Are there any scars or changes to the nipple sensation?

The small access holes are 1-2mm wide. There are usually 2-3 per side and these settle very quickly. They are not sutured after the procedure and essentially are invisible after a couple of weeks. As all the instruments used in this surgery are quite blunt, there is generally no change to how the nipple feels.

5. How much time will I need off?

In general you should plan on taking 2 to 3 days off work. It would be about 3 weeks before normal gym activities or jogging could be started.

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