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      Cheek Implant

      If You’re Considering Facial Implants

      Plastic surgeons use facial implants to improve and enhance facial contours. These implants can bring the face into balance by building up the chin, the cheeks, or the jaw. There are many facial implants available, manufactured from a variety of materials. They can help strengthen a jawline or bring the chin or cheekbones into balance with the rest of the face.

      This web page describes some of the facial implants currently available as well as the techniques for their use. It will familiarize you with these procedures but cannot provide all the details which may be relevant to your particular needs.

      If you feel that one or more of the procedures described here may benefit you, be sure to ask your plastic surgeon for more information.

      What to Expect From a Facial Implant

      Facial implants can enhance your appearance and bolster your self esteem. If you are looking for improvement, not perfection, in your appearance and are realistic in your expectations, you may find that a facial implant is the right choice for you.

      Plastic surgeons will frequently use such implants to bring better balance to the features of a younger patient. For instance, a teenage girl may want her nose reshaped or her chin brought forward so that these traits are better proportioned. The more mature patient may choose to have an implant placed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure. For example, during a facelift, a patient may wish to have implants placed over the cheekbones to help restore a more youthful appearance. Implants may also be selected to fill out a face that appears “sunken” or tired.

      Cheek Surgery

      To augment the cheek area, your plastic surgeon can insert cheek implants through an incision in the mouth, placing them directly on (or even below) the cheekbone. These facial implants can vary in size and shape, to achieve an individualized result.

      Cheek augmentation surgery usually requires about 30 to 45 minutes. When cheek implants are being placed in conjunction with another cosmetic procedure, such as a facelift, brow lift or eyelid surgery, the implants may be inserted through the incisions made for those procedures. Otherwise, an incision will be made either inside your upper lip or your lower eyelid. Your plastic surgeon forms a pocket for the implant, inserts it and secures it into place.

      Recovering from Cheek Surgery

      After the surgery, a dressing will be applied to minimize discomfort and swelling. The severity and duration of such side effects may vary, especially if another cosmetic procedure was performed at the same time. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with instructions about post-operative care. There will be dietary restrictions as well as limitations to your activities. Again, these instructions will vary, especially if another procedure was performed along with your implant surgery. However, you should be aware that your ability to move your mouth and lips may be diminished temporarily. Stitches used to close the incisions inside your mouth usually dissolve within about 10 days.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is cheek augmentation surgery?

      Cheek (malar) augmentation surgery is used to enhance the shape and size of your cheekbones in particular and your face overall. As we age, our face tends to lose some of its fullness, making it appear to sag. Cheek augmentation surgery can restore fullness for a more youthful appearance.

      There are several available options for cheek augmentation including a combination of a mid-face lift and injections of soft tissue injectable fillers or fat fillers. For a permanent fix, malar augmentation using implants made of solid silicone, Gortex or Alloderm may be the way to go.




      What does a typical cheek augmentation consultation entail?

      A consultation is an opportunity to learn about the cheek augmentation procedure and the surgeon you are considering to perform it. Your surgeon will ask you about what you hope to achieve with cheek augmentation, and then he or she will give a professional opinion of what can be achieved realistically taking into account many variables, including your facial dimensions and shape. He or she will also help you decide the best option for cheek augmentation (be it injections or implants), the risk involved and how much the procedure will cost.




      How is cheek augmentation with implants performed?

      Cheek augmentation with implants takes from one to one-and-a-half hours to perform. Incisions will be placed as inconspicuously as possible within the mouth or lower eyelid area. A pocket is crafted over the cheekbone and the implant is inserted and affixed to bone or soft tissue. The surgeon then closes the incisions with sutures.




      What should I expect postoperatively?

      Extensive pain is not typical with malar augmentation with implants; however, if you have a low threshold for pain, ask your surgeon to prescribe an analgesic in advance. Swelling and bruising are typical. What's more, you may feel a degree of numbness that will normally disappear within one to three months.




      When will the sutures be taken out?

      If there are sutures, they will be removed in approximately five to 10 days.


      Will there be scarring?

      Yes, there will be scarring; how visible it is depends on the type and location of incision your surgeon uses.


      Is there a lot of swelling involved with cheek implants?

      Considerable swelling may occur due to tissue trauma, especially if screws are used to affix the implant to the cheekbone. Your cheeks will look over-augmented for a while, and the definition you are seeking may not be apparent for a few months.


      What is the downtime associated with cheek augmentation?

      You can expect to resume regular activities in about one to two weeks. Major social functions should be postponed for at least four weeks to be sure that all the swelling and bruising has subsided.


      When will I be able to see the results?

      The results are immediate, although you may think that the implants are far too large at first due to the swelling. It may take a few months for more refined results to emerge.


      What are the risks of cheek augmentation?

      There is a chance of infection, hematoma (blood pooling), seroma, numbness from nerve damage, asymmetry and hyperpigmentation (permanent discolorations) caused by the bruising. There is the risk that the implant will shift, requiring additional surgery to reposition it. Also, there is a chance you won't like the final results, in which case you may need to undergo a revision surgery or removal of the implant.


      How long does cheek augmentation last?

      Standard cheek implants were designed to last your lifetime. If you go the filler route, the augmentation will last several months to a year.

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      Face Lifting

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