Stretch marks Treatment in Pali


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What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks, which are medically known as striae are lines or scars that occur on skin, mostly seen due to skin stretching. They appear as long parallel lines, are red/purple to start with and eventually become white/silvery white.

Why are stretch marks caused?

Most common reason of stretch mark formation is rapid stretching of skin, as seen in rapid weight gain, pregnancy, excessive exercise, hormonal changes. Stretch marks can occur anywhere in body, but generally occurs where body stores fat like on abdomen, breasts, hips, thighs and, lower back. When the skin gets stretched, it causes disruption if Dermis (middle layer of skin), and stretch marks are formed.

What treatment options are available for stretch marks in Pali?

As a rule, earlier you start the treatment, better would be the outcome. As you visit our clinic, we will assess the severity of your condition and design a customised plan for you. All the treatments focus on collagen remodulation in one or other way. Here are your options:

A. Stretch Marks Removal with Laser resurfacing in Pali

This is considered the Gold standard for treatment of stretch marks. Laser light penetratesthe Dermis and causes collagen remodelling. At our clinic we use ALMA CO2 PIXEL LASER, which is FDA approved and is best suited for Indian skin. The Pixel CO2 laser, fractionates or pixelates the laser beam into thousands of tiny shafts of light. These tiny shafts of light penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. These tiny shafts of damaged skin tissues are readily replaced by our natural wound healing mechanism, renewing the stretch marks in the process. Due to the thermal effect on the surrounding area, the collagen shrinks, leading to skin tightening effect.

B. Stretch Marks Removal with Collagen induction therapy (CIT) in Pali

Collagen induction therapy or Microneedling or derma roller therapy is very effective way to improve the appearance od stretch marks. At our clinic we use Dermapen®, world’s leading Microneedling instrument. Its proven to give uniform and noticeable results starting from session one. Microneedling creates thousands of small injuries on the skin through microneedles. As the skin works to repair these injuries, it repairs the old worn out tissues thus improving the appearance of stretch marks.

C. Stretch Marks Removal with PRP therapy in Pali

PRP refers to platelet rich plasma. PRP Therapy consists of drawing your blood, and processing PRP from it. PRP is rich in growth factors and has remarkable regenerative healing and regenerative powers. It is injected into the area of stretch marks to stimulate cell regeneration and rejuvenation, which improves the appearance of stretch marks. PRP therapy is generally used in combination with CIT to enhance the treatment results.

D. Stretch Marks Removal with Mesotherapy in Pali

This involves injecting vitamins, amino acids and growth factors directly into the stretch marks. It stimulates the cells and tissues to form collagen and elastin, which repairs and rejuvenates the connective tissues, smoothing the stretch marks. Mesotherapy is combined with CIT for better clinical outcome.

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