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Hair Loss & Hair Transplant in Jodhpur

It is very normal to check on various remedies for hair loss treatment but genetic baldness unfortunately cannot be controlled by any means. Over the counter drugs Minodixil could slower it to a certain extent but is very temporary arrangement. After multiple therapies, hair transplant only looks as a feasible option as is the only permanent solution for hair loss.

Hair transplant should not be mistaken as the procedure which can regenerate your lost hair follicles or stop the further progression of hair loss. The hair follicle lost once is the one which is lost forever. The hair transplant procedure is purely intended to replace the existing hair from donor area which is usually back and side of the head or any other body part to the recipient bald area.

Dr. Aggarwal's Hair Clinic, Jodhpur

Dr Aggarwal’s Clinic clinic has so much to offer to our patients including the best hair transplant in India. A comfortable experience with caring approach with best outcome is something which is desired from a medical treatment and we are pioneer in delivering so. Every step of hair transplant in Dr Aggarwal’s Clinic is blended with an innovative approach which is intended for a better experience of our patients. We are one of the most leading hair transplant clinics in India and have fame worldwide. The credit for our success goes to Dr Karun Aggarwal and the supporting team as their hardwork, dedication and passion to deliver the best has raised us exponentially and engraved our name at the top.


It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed ideally by an authorized and certified super specialized plastic or cosmetic surgeon under the following steps:
1. Administration of local anaesthesia
2. Harvesting of grafts from the donor area
3. Preparation of the recipient area by slitting
4. Implantation of hair follicles at the recipient site
5. PRP therapy for better healing and growth of newly transplanted hair follicles
6. Post hair transplant care and instructions


Modern hair transplant procedure is performed by 2 primary techniques:

1) FUT Hair Transplant

FUT or strip technique employs extraction of hair follicles in the form of a thin strip which is further dissected carefully to separate the individual graft for implanting them at the recipient site. FUT is a precision based surgical hair transplant procedure which has to be performed by highly specialized plastic surgeon. It is bit more complicated as compared to FUE hair...

2) FUE Hair Transplant

FUE technique on the other side extracts the grafts from the scalp individually with the help of a punch like surgical device which are then implanted at the recipient site. FUE technique is considered as a simple technique and preferred choice of many cheaper and small clinics in every case irrespective of the requirement of the patient....


  • Preparation for the hair transplant

    In the initial step of the Hair Transplant Surgery, hair follicles from the back of the head are removed and relocated to the balding areas.

  • Donor area trimmed

    Before the surgery is started, the hair in the donor area are trimmed.

  • Donor area prepared for surgery

    Once the hair in the donor area are trimmed it is given local anesthesia.

  • Tissue in the donor area removed and the Donor area sutured.

    The tissue in the donor area that contains the bald resistant hair follicles is then removed surgically and the donor area is sutured.

  • Combed hair over sutured donor area

    The sutures in the donor area are hidden from the patient’s hair that are combed over them. These sutures are removed almost ten days after the hair transplant surgery.

  • Donor tissue trimmed into follicular unit grafts

    Microscopes are then used by the surgical technicians to view the donor tissue for dissecting and preparing follicular units hair grafts.

  • Bald recipient area prepared

    Once the local anesthesia is given to the patient, the balding recipient area is prepared for the surgical process No trimming/removal of hair is required at the top of the recipient area.

  • Incisions made in the balding areas

    Follicular Unit Grafts are placed in the tiny incisions that are made in an irregular pattern in the recipient area.

  • Grafts placed according to their densities

    The smallest grafts (one and two) are placed in front of the hairline and three and four (denser than one and two) are placed behind.

  • Immediately after the Hair Transplant Surgery

    After the hair transplant surgery, tiny incisions with short hair would be visible on the patients operated area.

  • Closing of the Hair Transplant Surgery

    The incision marks heal naturally and the redness in the recipient area vanishes itself within a week.


Who can benefit from Hair Restoration Surgery in Jodhpur ?

Anyone who is experiencing the genetic or the conditional, hair loss seeking hair restoration surgery, including male and female pattern baldness

Who wish to change their hairline and looking for a transformed look.

• People affected by the scarring alopecia, Trichotillomania, Telogen effluvium or hair loss due to accidental burns or scars
• People who wish to restore eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, moustache

What happens after Hair Transplant Surgery?

• The grafted hair will start to shed approximately 2-3 weeks
• The transplanted hair will often start to grow after 3rd months of the procedure taken and the full results will take approx. 10-14 months
• If the patient is suffering from progressive hair loss certain medications may be recommended to control further hair loss

When should I start Hair Fall Treatment?

• The treatment with the recommended medications and PRP should be started immediately once a patient get notified with the Androgenic alopecia (genetic baldness) as the onset of baldness started with the receding hairline that affects your looks
• If a patient is affected by a severe hair loss and the grade of baldness is bigger than NW-III, the surgical option is recommended! The procedure of hair transplant is used to restore the hair on balding site, whereas the PRP is allowed to make the effect double of the procedure by adding Bio-stimulating properties, which encourages the healing as well as a growth process.

Importance of an Experienced Surgeon in Hair Transplant Surgery?

The hair transplant procedure is a combined process of the aesthetic and surgical process that needs aesthetic sense more than that of the surgical proficiency and hence it is needed that performing surgeon must possess the extreme artistic sense to perform the procedure. However, it is needed from the part of the surgeon to possess many years of experience in order to meet the desired original outcome.
Why should you choose Experienced Surgeon is best jotted down below:
• To avoid complications
• To meet the aesthetic results
• To receive the utmost natural hairline design
• To receive the comprehensive care of the procedure

What does a Hair Transplant Cost?

It is not a static factor and depends on several factors associated with the hair transplant procedure. Generally, per graft cost in India ranges from 25-130 INR/ that may vary from one clinic to another. Every hair transplant procedure is unique and specifically planned to meet the desired aesthetic goal of the procedure. The final cost of the procedure is determined by the need you are actually looking for in terms of a number of grafts, the needed restoration technique, the hairline you desired, the density you are looking for and the last, but not least the expert hand of the surgeon who is performing your hair transplant procedure. Price also gets influenced by the available donor hair, the type of hair you possess in order to receive the surgery, but the graft factor has a prime role in putting the cost of the procedure.
The cost of the procedure basically depends on the following Factors:
• The number of usable grafts
• The practiced technique of the procedure
• The need for high-density hair transplant
• The available grade of Norwood baldness
• The expertise of the surgeon
• The reputation & recognition of the clinic.

Are the hair transplant results permanent?

Of course, yes, the result of a hair transplant is absolutely permanent if the technique of hair transplant is the FUT. The FUT hair transplant only gives the permanent results as the extraction of the grafts are done via the strip of the skin excision that only taken from the safe donor part of the scalp. The hair roots extracted from the safe donor areas, i.e., the back & sides of the scalp and the hair roots of these areas are resistant to the effect of the DHT-sensitivity that retains the properties despite being transplanted to another location of the scalp. However, hair transplant gives the permanent results with the most sustainable hair roots that lasted forevermore.

What is the difference between FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques?

The major difference between these techniques is its varying graft harvesting method. The most crucial step of hair transplant is opting for appropriate graft harvesting techniques. If the technique is appropriately selected and performed by the hair transplant surgeon, it will deliver sure and shot successful results. The choice of technique relies on mainly the extent of baldness, age of the patient, sex of the patient, quantity of hairs on the donor area and number of grafts required to cover the donor area.


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